Saturday, May 16, 2015

Your Hangout message:

"Hi Sir, I need to consult you on what I may do regarding my relationship with my husband.  He and I are growing apart, he is usually out and gaming and should he be home it will be for a maximum of 4 hours to get some sleep, take a bath and leave again. We have a son turning 5 this year and the reason I am not ending the marriage is because of our son.  However, inside it really pains me to see the marriage is on the rocks.  If you may please advise on what I may do I would truly appreciate it.  Thanks,


My reply:

Hello ___________!

1) First of all, why don't you discuss this directly with your husband? Are you afraid of what he might say, and that he might place the blame on you rather than on himself for the deterioration of your relationship? You need to be prepared for whatever he has to say.

2) If your husband prefers to live his life without you, the problem as you stated it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with your son. Again, only both of you can discuss that on a practical level.

3) Improve the way you look. Go on a diet, buy new clothes, pamper yourself with sessions at a beauty parlor, change your hairstyle, learn to cook new dishes, rearrange your house.

4) If you were asking me for a magical solution, however, go to Baclaran and buy a talisman made of deer horn (sungay ng usa). A married woman who keeps this on herself will rest assured that her husband will always come back and find home in her heart. 

But, do #s 1 -3 as well.

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